Together, we create dynamic places where impactful experiences generate remarkable returns.

About Us

Real estate development is rapidly changing ‒ presenting unique challenges and opportunities to create new levels of connectivity, engagement and revenue that would have been impossible just a few years ago.

At Sensory Interactive we’re not only excited about this bold new future ‒ we’re leading the way. For over 15 years,  we’ve partnered with our clients to reimagine their Dynamic Real Estate™ ‒ the intersection of places, people, revenue, and technology.

As the real estate landscape has evolved, so have we. Our team is the first and only of its kind to harness the collective power of designers, architects, engineers, content creators, media and revenue strategists, technologists, telecom experts, project managers and operations specialists from across the US, with projects spanning the globe. Our multidisciplinary team of seasoned visionaries provides expertise in every aspect of your project life cycle, including identifying the Revenue Strategy, creating powerful Connected Experiences, and providing Project Management.

Together, we create dynamic places where impactful experiences generate remarkable returns.​

We build experiences and the bottom line, with results that speak for themselves: internal rates of return that regularly exceed 25%; projects with a total capitalized value of more than $3 billion; and a client retention rate of more than 95%.

At Sensory Interactive, we redefine ROI – optimized and magnified for the built environment – to create a measurable and memorable Return on Experience.

Victory Park at night with brilliant digital displays and a concourse full of an engaged, energized crowd.

Our Projects

Beyond our years of experience and depth and breadth of expertise, we are known for our unshakable integrity and fearless commitment to our clients. Uncommon in the industry, we operate free of any financial or third party incentives, so that you can trust our valuations and unbiased guidance with total confidence.

Our Clients