Revenue Strategy

Providing analysis and consulting services that help clients maximize return on investment and secure long-term cash flow for their digital and static signage.

The Sensory Interactive revenue strategy group provides a comprehensive range of analysis and consulting services for property owners considering the deployment of a signage program, or owners that currently operate a program and want to evaluate and execute changes to maximize its value.

In addition to working on projects where Sensory Interactive is also handling an installation’s planning, design, and implementation, the revenue strategy group provides stand-alone services for existing signage installations, or for new installations being designed and implemented by other consultants.

Feasibility and Valuation Analysis
The revenue strategy group works closely with Sensory Interactive’s design and strategy team to evaluate the feasibility of potential digital and static signage configurations at a development. Members of the revenue strategy group use their extensive understanding of the technical and market factors impacting these display installations to evaluate the potential benefits and risks of every potential approach.

Monetization Strategy
The revenue strategy group also develops detailed strategies for maximizing the value of digital and static signage installations and creating the most stable revenue stream from these assets. The team makes recommendations regarding the various forms of sponsorship and advertising revenue, third-party versus tenant-based content, potential structures for media sales agreements, ownership of technology, and other factors that will impact the return on the owner’s investment.

With the optimal monetization strategy determined, Sensory Interactive’s revenue strategy group performs in-depth analysis of a display installation’s long-term financial proforma. The team uses its up-to-the-minute awareness of current advertising rates and its extensive knowledge of installation and operating costs to produce underwriting documents owners can share with lenders or other financial partners.

Media Sales Brokerage
The revenue strategy group can direct the process of securing and negotiating a long-term agreement between a project’s owner and a media sales firm or sponsorship group. The team has extensive familiarity with the participants in the digital out-of-home industry, both nationally and in the highly specialized Times Square market. By leveraging its knowledge of these firms’ strengths and weaknesses, Sensory Interactive can develop and issue RFPs for media sales services and negotiate final agreements in as little as six weeks.

The revenue strategy group has provided analysis or strategic services to some of the world’s largest developers, as well as sports franchises and major corporations. Recent clients include:

Cushman & Wakefield
Newmark Knight Frank
Goldman Sachs
Brookfield Property Partners
CIM Group
Holland Partner Group
The Kroenke Group
The Washington Nationals
SL Green Realty
Estein USA
Line Friends
AR Global
Ventus Group
Encore Funds

For more information about Sensory Interactive’s revenue strategy services, contact Jake Indyk at 646.838.4363 or [email protected].