Creative Content

Producing award-winning digital content for media of all sizes – from mobile applications to large-format LED displays – using an experienced team of designers, graphic artists, and animators.

Sensory Interactive’s in-house creative content team delivers static and digital content for a wide range of projects, as well as developing marketing strategies and communications materials for Sensory Interactive clients.

Our digital artists and animators have experience with the full range of digital technologies and media, from mobile devices to multifaceted outdoor LED displays. This enables us to deliver content that meets the technical, viewing, environmental, interactive, and revenue criteria of any permanent or event-based installation.

Strategic Content Creation for Digital Out-of-Home
Our award-winning team delivers out-of-home content that attracts attention and initiates engagement. By focusing on establishing the criteria that will connect the content to the audiences, and on ensuring the highest possible level of engagement between the message and the audience, we help owners develop programming that consistently accomplishes their media objectives

Strategies and Tools That Sell Opportunities
Our team of videographers, 3D modelers, and animators creates marketing communications strategies and materials that help clients convey the value of their digital media opportunities to retailers and brands. Clients use our custom pitch videos, brochureware, and presentation materials to rapidly lease properties and sell time on digital display installations, both before and after their construction.

Single-Source Provider
Sensory Interactive delivers coordinated digital content across the full spectrum of digital formats: static, animated, and interactive. We can serve as a single source for all of the digital content on a display – regardless of technology and configuration – whether or not we manage the design, installation, or ongoing operations of the display. By serving as a sole-source for content, we ensure that each content element will support the overall messaging, and establish a simplified content acquisition model that reduces costs over the long term.