Yee Nguyen

Associate, Project Management

Yee Nguyen is an experienced project manager with a background in the development and launch of environments that maintain high design standards will also achieving ambitious goals for marketing, branding, and revenue generation. He has managed commercial and residential construction projects in the United States, Europe, and Australia, and has also worked as LEGO creative and as a product designer for innovative biomedical and electronic devices.

As a member of Sensory Interactive’s Project Management team, Yee coordinates the activities of architects, designers, engineers, fabricators, specialty consultants, and general contractors to ensure the successful and timely completion of complex, multifaceted projects.

Before joining Sensory Interactive, Yee was most recently an Account Manager at event services company Derse, where he oversaw the design, fabrication, and deployment of exhibits, trade show environments, and experiential marketing campaigns for some of the world’s most prominent brands.

Yee earned a Bachelor of Science degree in architecture and interior design from the University of Texas at Arlington.