Tom Stipes

Managing Director, Partnerships

As Sensory Interactive’s Managing Director – Partnerships, Tom Stipes is responsible for driving company growth by exploring new business strategies and opportunities related to next-stage, client-focused solutions, as well as looking at the potential for market innovation that will expand the Sensory Interactive brand throughout North America and around the world.

Tom also works with current and prospective Sensory Interactive clients to develop and define directions for deploying the firm’s comprehensive, revenue-generating services to address the needs of the client’s existing or planned promotional platforms. His background and expertise as both a client and a consultant allow him to help clients understand the value Sensory Interactive delivers in the areas of return on investment, audience engagement, and analytics.

Tom’s diverse background includes more than 30 years of experience covering digital signage technology, software, sports, sponsorship sales, media production, and event marketing. His experience as an entrepreneur helps him to identify and develop domestic and international alliances for Sensory Interactive, as well as enabling him to play an important role in the company’s brand positioning and strategic planning.

Tom works out of Sensory Interactive’s Atlanta office, which was established in 2018 to help the company build and maintain close relationships with existing or future clients and potential partners across the southeastern United States.