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Joseph Graden

Associate, Content Creation

Joseph Graden contributes a keen focus on 3D modeling and animation to the Sensory Interactive Content Creation team. Joseph uses a mastery of form, texture, lighting, and motion to create everything from flawless studio product models to fully articulated building interiors and exteriors, enabling Sensory Interactive to deliver breathtaking simulations of anything we and our clients can dream up.

Joseph’s ability to work with teams to rapidly turn sketch concepts into photo-real renderings of objects and space plays a key role in all parts of the project lifecycle. He helps clients envision indoor and outdoor installations in architectural space before they are built and then utilizes the same artistry and design skill to develop stunning static, animated, and interactive content for those same installations.

For years, Joseph has played a key role in Sensory Interactive projects around the world, developing presentation materials and content for projects in South Korea, Canada, China, and all over the United States. Always eager to explore the latest in 3D technique and technology, Joseph keeps Sensory Interactive’s 3D capabilities on the bleeding edge.

Joseph is a graduate of The New England Institute of Art with a Bachelor of Science degree in media arts and animation.