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Courtney Clay

Associate, Content Creation

When developing creative content for a diverse public audience, Courtney Clay strives to bring simplicity, clarity, and strong storytelling to every project. She has a passion for delivering immersive, engaging experiences to a wide array of communities and connecting them to brands and to each other. As a member of Sensory Interactive’s Content Creation team, Courtney helps our clients deliver memorable, relevant experiences and build their brands in the physical environment.

Courtney knows that no single approach is right for every project, so she has been trained in a range of media arts, including 3d modeling, illustration, animation, matte painting, architectural visualization, and compositing. Before joining Sensory Interactive, Courtney was most recently a Digital Media Creative Producer at the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority in Boston, where she created motion graphics and oversaw the production of content for large-format digital displays and interactive kiosks. Her experience also includes augmented reality and games, as well as animation and illustration for the popular educational music video service Flocabulary.

Courtney graduated magna cum laude from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in digital art and cinema studies.