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Colin Bridges, MFA

Associate, Content Creation

Colin Bridges is a professional digital multimedia designer who brings a wide range of skills as an animator, motion designer, photographer, videographer, web designer, graphic designer, and illustrator to the Sensory Interactive creative team.

Prior to joining Sensory Interactive, Colin worked for major advertising agencies and production houses nationwide, as well as in full-time design director, producer, and motion graphic designer positions at CMT Viacom in Nashville, Tennessee, and WXIX in Cincinnati, Ohio. His deep experience with conceptualizing and executing high-end 2D and 3D animations for broadcast post-production, as well as his organizing and directing live video shoots and large-screen content for concert events, are valuable assets to the team. Colin has also collaborated extensively on projects for Fox, the CW, MTV, Showtime, and others.

As an award-winning screenwriter, Colin brings a unique understanding of time-based narrative and storytelling to every creative project. Colin earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in theater from Sarah Lawrence College and a Bachelor of Arts degree in theater from Franklin College.