News / Sensory Interactive Releases Spring 2018 Times Square Advertising Report

The spring 2018 edition of Sensory Interactive’s Times Square Advertising Report shows continued strength in demand for space on Times Square’s large-format digital displays.

The report, which is prepared five times per year, is based on a visual observation of advertising and sponsorship activity across 71 digital displays in the Times Square market.

Its key metric looks at the ratio of paid advertising to unpaid “house” ads and public service announcements. A higher percentage of display inventory devoted to paid ads indicates stronger market demand from advertisers and sponsors.

While the spring survey found the demand for display space taking its traditional dip from the seasonal high of the holiday reporting period, demand was comparable to what was seen in the most recent non-holiday survey. After hitting 87% in the holiday report, the percentage of paid ads dropped back to 74% in the spring, which is in line with the 76% seen before the holidays.

Over the longer term, the spring 2018 number illustrates continued growth in demand for the district’s display space. It is an increase over the 71% seen in the same period one year ago, and it continues the general upward trajectory that the report has shown for the past three years.

Sensory Interactive President Randy Byrd says that the continued strength of the market is particularly encouraging given the recent growth in supply. “The past few years have seen several large displays added to Times Square’s available inventory,” says Byrd, “but demand appears to be keeping up without much difficulty.”

“We also believe that these newer displays may be driving demand at the same time they are increasing supply,” continues Byrd. “The newest displays, with their larger sizes, higher resolution, and more diverse content capabilities are encouraging advertisers to increase their budgets and experiment with new ways to reach their audiences.”

In addition to measuring the percentage of paid advertising on Times Square’s displays, the Times Square Advertising Report also analyzes the district’s top advertising categories, most active media sales companies, and top five advertised brands.

The report is an outgrowth of Sensory Interactive’s work on some of Times Square’s largest digital media installations, where the company provides services that include revenue strategy consulting, media sales brokerage, design, implementation, and operations management.

Click on the thumbnail below to view the report in your browser, or download a PDF version here.