News / Sensory Interactive Releases Fall 2019 Times Square Advertising Report

The fall 2019 edition of Sensory Interactive’s Times Square Advertising Report shows continued demand for space on Times Square’s large-format digital displays.

The report, which is prepared five times per year, is based on a visual observation of advertising and sponsorship activity across approximately 70 digital displays in the Times Square market.

Its key metric looks at the ratio of paid advertising to unpaid “house” ads and public service announcements. The percentage of paid ads provides a rough barometer of market demand from advertisers and sponsors.

While the survey shows the percentage of paid ads declining slightly in the past two periods, this is due primarily to a change in the composition of the displays covered by our survey. Several large installations in high-visibility locations have recently consolidated multiple display faces into single displays. This has reduced the total number of ads shown in the most desirable locations and allowed lower-performing second-tier displays to have a larger impact on the index. We are currently developing a new methodology for future reports that will account for these factors.

In addition to measuring the percentage of paid advertising on Times Square’s displays, the Times Square Advertising Report also analyzes the district’s top advertising categories, most-active media sales companies, and top five advertised brands.

In the top advertising categories, fall 2019 saw a big jump in the food and beverage category, with most other categories staying relatively stable. Strength in the food and beverage category was driven by spots for fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s, beverage manufacturers such as Coca Cola and Flow Water, and meal replacement drink Soylent.

In our ranking of Times Square’s most active media sales companies, Clear Channel remains the most active participant by total number of displays, with nine, while Branded Cities has the largest inventory based on square footage. Outfront Media has moved into the second spot on the number of displays ranking, thanks to being responsible for a new display that we added to the survey this period.

In the list of the most-advertised brands (based on the number of displays each brand’s ads ran on during the survey period), Central Park’s Global Citizen Festival showed up for the first time, appearing on seven displays, while another newcomer, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital had ads on six displays. That was followed by regularly appearing advertisers T-Mobile and the Nation Law Enforcement Museum and newcomer to the list Samsung.

The report is an outgrowth of Sensory Interactive’s work on some of Times Square’s largest digital media installations, where the company provides services that include revenue strategy consulting, media sales brokerage, design, implementation, and operations management.

Click on the thumbnail below to view the report in your browser or download a PDF version here.