News / AVIXA Includes Insights from Sensory Interactive in Sports Venue White Paper

The Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association (AVIXA) has released an informative new white paper on the future of sports venues. AVIXA created the white paper with the participation of professionals from across the industry, including members of the Sensory Interactive team.

The white paper includes profiles of five stadiums and arenas that are using audiovisual solutions to enhance the fan experience and drive business outcomes. It highlights the ways that teams and facility owners are creating areas in and around stadiums where fans can gather for shared experiences, as well as discussing how they are use technology to generate revenue from advertising or sponsorships.

In the white paper, Sensory Interactive’s Greg Giordano discusses the diverse range of goals that are driving owners to implement these programs and the way that rapidly advancing technology is allowing designers to create systems that are fully integrated into both the architecture and the fan experience.

The motivation behind how teams use audiovisual technologies varies greatly, says Greg Giordano, Director of Design and Strategy for Sensory Interactive. On one end of the spectrum, some teams have specific revenue targets in mind for the advertising they will sell on their video displays. Other teams are interested solely in how their digital displays enhance the fan experience, with almost no regard to the direct impact on the bottom line.

Regardless of the reasoning behind any specific AV installation, teams are deploying ever-more sophisticated technologies to help them deliver memorable experiences to their fans.

“As prices come down, as resolution gets better, as content management system capabilities scale, we can do just a whole lot more with making the video feel like a piece of the architecture experience and not a picture on a wall,” Giordano says. “We’re looking to find ways to make the video feel like an integrated, natural part of the experience.”

Download a PDF of the full 20-page white paper here.

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