We help clients discover, evaluate and optimize their revenue opportunities in dynamic environments.

Revenue Strategy

We are the only firm in the industry that offers revenue strategy expertise alongside design, implementation, and operations services. This uniquely integrated approach gives us an unmatched ability to create and deploy strategies that protect your investment and generate financial results that not only align with but enhance your business goals.

Opportunity Evaluation

Our Opportunity Evaluation services discover and establish the value a dynamic environment can bring to your project. Depending on your specific project’s needs, we have three options for identifying and creating a roadmap for maximizing Return on Investment.

Our Project Assessments deliver a rapid, thorough, and cost-effective strategy and vision for a dynamic real estate experience, while our Media Valuations detail long-term financial projections based on current market conditions and comparable media inventory. And Portfolio Valuations provide an overview of the potential for creating or enhancing revenue at multiple properties across a client’s holdings.

Project Assessment

Get a picture of what’s possible, before committing to a significant investment. If you have a physical environment – existing or planned – where you want to generate revenue, engage an audience, connect people, or build a brand, a Project Assessment from Sensory Interactive is the place to start.

Our assessment and analysis process leverages our expertise in technology, media, and design to create a vision for layering the principles of dynamic real estate across your entire property. For typical projects, we work toward creating a strategy that yields an unheard of (yet reliable) typical internal rate of return exceeding 25%.

The Project Assessment and accompanying analysis look at every possible option for enriching the user experience, enhancing audience communication, and generating revenue. Our media- and technology-neutral approach and diverse expertise free us to consider everything from large- and small-format digital and static displays to interactive installations, event spaces, mobile-device integration, telecom platforms, and data-driven interactions across the entire development.

We begin our assessment process with an intense, deep-dive stakeholder workshop and site visit, enabling us to quickly become fluent in the unique features of the project and your specific business objectives. We look at every aspect of the customer experience, the project’s master plan and vision. This high-intensity approach yields results in weeks, not months, and quickly delivers the information you need to make fully informed financial and design decisions and keep the project moving forward.

Our Project Assessment services give owners an understanding of their options with a relatively modest investment of resources. Our team is easy to engage, and the process requires minimal effort to launch and execute. It also gives you an opportunity to “test-drive” the Sensory Interactive team without committing to a full project design and implementation agreement. 

While the process is fast, the deliverables are still extremely valuable. We create preliminary location plans, illustrations, and reference images help you understand the design and planning implications of your project. And we develop estimates of potential costs, revenues, operating expenses, and returns – so you can determine which elements will help you meet key business objectives. Perhaps most importantly, you can include this documentation in materials presented to lenders, investors, or marquee tenant prospects.

Media Valuation

Our Media Valuations team helps you establish the true value of your existing or planned digital out-of-home assets. For either existing or planned projects, we go beyond preliminary analysis to perform comprehensive media valuations in very short timeframes.

Using an in-depth analysis of current advertising rates, a familiarity with the underlying market conditions, and an extensive knowledge of real-world installation and operating costs, we create detailed models of an installation’s long-term financial performance to help our clients understand and validate the impact of media on their project’s market value.

As active participants in both the national digital out-of-home (OOH) market and the highly specialized Times Square and greater Los Angeles marketplaces, members of our OOH Media team have some of the deepest insight in the industry and the data to back it up.

The experts on our in-house Emerging Technology team are constantly evaluating and analyzing new trends in the digital OOH industry. This insight allows us to model how evolving technologies and changing advertiser demands might impact a display’s future revenue or costs.

We exclusively represent owners, and aren’t tied to any financial or business relationships with manufacturers, media sales firms, or other industry participants. This means you can count on us for accurate valuations and unbiased guidance, untainted by conflicting financial interests or other hidden agendas.

Through years of experience in this space, we have developed a strong reputation for integrity and excellence. And our track record creates a high degree of confidence in the accuracy of our financial projections with real estate lenders and investors. We are the go-to team for many of the largest banks, insurers, and real estate companies when they need an authoritative valuation of a property’s modern revenue potential.

Portfolio Valuation

Our Portfolio Valuation service is ideal for owners with multiple projects who are looking to identify new opportunities across their portfolio to create or enhance advertising and sponsorship revenue.

Our team quickly and cost-effectively evaluates a mix of projects both with and without existing assets to find new ways to add significant income from small- and large-format digital displays and static signage. While keeping a macro view, we focus on identifying the projects with the greatest potential for increased revenue.

For projects without existing assets, we create a conceptual study documenting potential new deployments, accompanied by an estimate of short- and long-term costs and ROI. Where assets already exist, we review the structure and terms of current sales agreements and look for opportunities to enhance value through contract modifications, program expansion, or enhancements to existing assets.


Our Partnerships team helps the owners of high-profile properties identify, negotiate and successfully collaborate with world-class brands to not only generate significant revenue but also deliver impactful customer experiences.

Technology lets brands tell their stories in completely unique ways, and the built environment is the last frontier in this new world of cross-platform interactive storytelling. Our driving mission is to empower owners and brands to thrive in this new world. By tightly integrating technology with physical experiences, we create places where brands can tell immersive, meaningful, and memorable stories to highly engaged audiences.

Today’s connected, always-on world has created a unique opportunity for brands to engage in one-on-one, two-way conversations with audiences in the dynamic built environment. It also opens the door to capturing useful data and measuring the value of these conversations in real time. These data-driven insights allow you to optimize your visitor experience and tailor content to your specific target audiences.


A well-planned and effectively executed partnership program benefits everyone involved. It generates dramatic returns for owners, delivers valuable, measurable audience engagement for brands, drives traffic, and creates positive, unique experiences for visitors.

Our unique depth and breadth of diverse expertise – along with our media-neutral approach – allow us to craft brand sponsorship offerings that incorporate a wide range of assets. This includes overarching elements such as naming rights, physical components such as digital or static signage, and project infrastructure ranging from transportation systems to connectivity. It even extends to user interactivity via mobile devices or websites.

For new projects, our multidisciplinary design expertise enables us to integrate these elements into the project during the conceptual design phase, further increasing opportunities to create a consistent, memorable, and profitable experience.

Our bold, visionary approach to brand partnerships is designed for high-profile, high-traffic properties. We thrive in our project diversity and can support civic-scale mixed-use developments, major sports stadiums, regional transportation facilities, and new urban centers.


These properties offer a unique opportunity for brands to engage large crowds and glean critical customer insights at scale. These same projects also benefit the most from our sophisticated use of technology and data, which can help establish them as cutting-edge, market-leading destinations.

Out-of-Home Media

Our Out-of-Home (OOH) Media team evaluates your objectives for your asset and develops the ideal strategy for monetizing your advertising revenue. We follow it up with dedicated representation that ensures you’re working with the best partners executed under the best possible terms to both protect the long-term value of your asset and optimize your ROI.

We help owners lock-in detailed business plans for OOH media projects before committing to the cost of construction. We analyze proposed design concepts, evaluate your financial and business objectives, and consider current market conditions to create a comprehensive, results-oriented monetization strategy. One that considers all available options and delivers the desired balance of risk, return, and long-term stability.

These monetization strategies cover factors that include the appropriate mix of sponsorship and advertising revenue, third-party versus tenant-based content, content and category restrictions, potential structures for media sales agreements, and the ownership of technology, as well as a wide range of other factors that can impact your initial investment, ongoing revenues, and levels of risk, which result in a defined net operating income.

And because we work exclusively in partnership with owners – and are compensated based on your success – you can be confident that we represent your interests at all times. Free from business or financial connections to any media sales organization, we focus on obtaining the best terms for the execution of your asset, optimizing your ongoing revenue stream, and protecting the long-term value of your asset.

Are you confident you’re getting the best possible terms for the representation of your digital or static advertising inventory? In a confusing and often challenging marketplace, our OOH Media team is there to make sure that your interests are protected and appropriately represented in the negotiation process.  We use our extensive knowledge of participants and trends in the OOH industry to help you evaluate potential media sales firms, manage every aspect of the RFP process, and negotiate a favorable agreement with the right firm.