News / Randy Byrd Weighs in on Robotic Billboard

Coca-Cola’s robotic three-dimensional billboard in Times Square has been a hot topic since it launched this summer, with observers divided on whether it is a genius piece of engineering or an unnecessary gimmick.

Online publication Sixteen:Nine waded into the discussion this week with an article collecting opinions on the sign from around the industry. The piece asked digital signage experts for their thoughts about the effectiveness of the installation and its potential to influence the design of large-scale digital signage in the future.

The publication included Sensory Interactive President and CEO Randy Byrd among the industry leaders it surveyed. Randy had this to say about the robotic sign:

Content is king. Creating content for large-scale LED displays is a unique challenge, especially in an outdoor environment. Content creators with the experience to fully understand the capabilities of technologies and the audience’s perspective from a given viewpoint can manipulate the hardware and software as well or better than introducing mechanical components.

Projects should be designed and programmed around a client’s objectives rather than technologies so that decisions can be made based upon development costs, operational costs and complexities, and the real value that can be achieved by the direction that is taken.

We’re sure that the Sixteen:Nine article is going to spark even more discussion about the pros and cons of Coca-Cola’s high-profile new sign. We’re looking forward to hearing these conversations in the coming months, and seeing what the future holds for this unusual installation.


Photo by junaidrao, licensed under CC BY 2.0.