Projects / UCSF Medical Center @ Mission Bay

To help the UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay express its gratitude to the donors who have contributed nearly $600 million for the construction of UCSF Medical Center’s new $1.5 billion children’s, women’s, and cancer hospital complex, we created a unique and highly immersive interactive installation.

The centerpiece of the installation is a 4’ by 13’ interactive wall, utilizing display hardware manufactured by Prysm, Inc. of San Jose, California. The wall features a gesture-controlled “attract mode” that captures the attention of visitors walking past the installation. Then, with their curiosity piqued, visitors can use the wall’s touch-screen capabilities to learn more about donors, and also explore engaging, interactive content about the institution’s hospitals, faculty, staff, and programs. The wall’s sophisticated hardware and software allow it to accommodate multiple simultaneous users along its 13-foot length.


By expanding on the traditional approach to donor recognition, and incorporating a broad range of content and user interactions, the Medical Center and Sensory Interactive created an installation that does much more than just list the names of donors. The full installation also includes two non-interactive LCD displays across the corridor from the interactive wall, a variety of static graphic panels, and a custom audio environment, giving it an immersive, museum-like feel.


The Sensory Interactive team developed the overall program for the space, designed all system components, specified hardware and software, and created the interactive applications and content. We also supervised the fabrication, installation, and final commissioning of the elements that make up the complete environment.

Sensory Interactive staff continues to work with UCSF Mission Bay to manage the ongoing operation of the installation. This includes performing 24/7 monitoring, deploying content updates, and overseeing routine maintenance and service on the displays.