Projects / Salesforce Transit Center

San Francisco’s Salesforce Transit Center is a landmark transportation hub that replaced the outdated Transbay Terminal and connects transit systems from throughout the Bay Area. The four-block-long facility includes more than one million square feet of space, with a 5.4-acre public park on the roof and 100,000 square feet of shopping and dining.

A project of the Transbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPA), Salesforce Transit Center serves as a central hub for buses from multiple transit agencies. It is also designed to eventually accommodate rail service from Caltrain and California’s planned high-speed rail system.

Sensory Interactive’s role in the project included working with the TJPA to modify the architect’s initial plans for the facility’s digital signage program with the goal of increasing its revenue potential. The Sensory Interactive team recommended an approach that separated promotional and informational content on the transit center’s displays, maximizing potential revenue while also preserving an outstanding user experience for transit customers. Sensory Interactive also proposed the inclusion of brand activation spaces on the rooftop, on the bus level, and in the transit center’s Grand Hall.

Following this planning and programming phase, Sensory Interactive worked with the TJPA to create documentation that would aid in the selection of a master lessee for the facility and guide the chosen firm as they developed the promotional platform and selected a media sales partner. Sensory Interactive provided ongoing support to TJPA during this selection process, as well as coordinating with the appropriate regulatory authorities on the location of the facility’s promotional assets.

Sensory Interactive also helped the TJPA to define the value of the transit center’s naming sponsorship rights – which were eventually purchased by Salesforce – and participated in negotiations to help Salesforce understand the opportunity. Salesforce then hired Sensory Interactive to redesign key elements of the facility’s signage to reflect their sponsorship.

The transit center’s promotional platform includes 115 digital displays, including a 20’ x 30’ display installation in the Grand Hall. The comprehensive plan Sensory Interactive created for the promotional platform also allows for the deployment of additional display assets and even new types of display installations as the facility evolves over the next several years.

Sensory Interactive’s enhancement and expansion of the Salesforce Transit Center promotional platform led to a significant increase in the revenue available to help fund the facility’s operations. As publicly reported, the promotional platform and naming rights will together generate approximately $12 million per year, which is an increase of more than 3,000% over initial estimates.

This increase was made possible through Sensory Interactive’s insight into today’s digital out of home advertising market, its in-depth understanding of the technology that powers successful promotional platforms, and its ability to plan and document revenue-generating programs that are effectively integrated into facility architecture and wayfinding systems.