Projects / Salesforce Tower NYC

Sensory Interactive worked with AV consultant Arup, architect MCA, IA Interior Architects, and in-house Salesforce staff to transform the lobby of Salesforce Tower NYC into an outdoor-themed environment that celebrates Salesforce’s Blaze Your Trail campaign.

Sensory Interactive provided design, technology specification, procurement, and project management services for the 10’ x 20’ LED display in the public lobby, as well as for another 11’ x 17’ display in an adjacent gallery space accessible only to employees and invited guests. The displays, which were fabricated by Sansi North America, both feature a 2.5-millimeter pixel pitch that offers outstanding resolution and wide viewing angles.

The lobby display and accompanying interior design elements are easily seen from outside of the building, and they are even visible to people strolling through the popular Bryant Park across the street.

The displays include Blaze Your Trail content produced by the Sensory Interactive creative content team. The program is part of a strategic deployment of animated and static content playing in Salesforce properties in other cities to keep guest experiences consistent and on-brand. All of the content is being scheduled and managed by Sensory Interactive’s operational services team.

The displays are supported by integrated lighting and directional audio systems developed by Arup. Salesforce staff can control these systems via an iPad at the reception desk, and the audio can even accommodate live inputs for use by DJs or speakers during special events.

To complete the Blaze Your Trail theme, the lobby’s architect and interior designer included additional elements that turn the space into a playful semblance of an outdoor environment. Plantings from Plant Connection mix with rough wood furniture, replica tree trunks, national parks posters, and forest-themed wallpaper to create a highly immersive environment.

The Salesforce Tower NYC lobby serves as a gathering place for Salesforce customers visiting the building’s new Salesforce Innovation Center and Town Hall on the building’s 23rd floor. This technology-enhanced space features its own digital display program designed by Sensory Interactive as part of its ongoing relationship with Salesforce.