Projects / Coda Tech Square

We worked with developer Portman Holdings and architect John Portman & Associates to create a large-scale interactive media experience for the outdoor urban plaza at the new Coda Tech Square in Midtown Atlanta.

Coda Tech Square is a landmark addition to Atlanta’s thriving Technology Square district, a multi-block neighborhood that has become a leading regional innovation hub. With the highest density of startups, corporate innovators, academic researchers, and students in the entire southeastern United States, the district facilitates collaboration between businesses and the Georgia Tech community.

The new Coda Tech Square building has added 770,000 square feet of space to the district, including 645,000 square feet of office space, a high-speed data center, more than 25,000 square feet of street-level retail, and a 20,000-square-foot outdoor plaza.

The interactive media experience created by Sensory Interactive is a highlight of the outdoor plaza, which serves as a gathering place for students, faculty, and tech company employees. The dynamic 72’ by 13’ LED display reinforces the district’s reputation as a center for research and innovation, while also energizing and activating the space.

The display will give Coda Tech Square the flexibility to present a wide range of content that supports Georgia Tech, the Technology Square community, and the building’s tenants. It is capable of presenting static images, video content, web-based feeds, live simulcast video, and interactive applications. It is also supported by an integrated audio system that can deliver live or recorded sound to viewers in the plaza.

Sensory Interactive provided documentation, procurement, project management, and content development services for the implementation and launch of the display, and the Sensory Interactive team is now providing ongoing operations and content management services.

Sensory Interactive reviewed the proposed location for the display and created design development documentation suitable for use in the request for proposal process and incorporation into the construction documents created by the project architect. In addition to the LED display, the team also created technical specifications and documentation for the installation’s integrated audio system.

We used the approved design development documents to solicit proposals for the manufacture and installation of the display. We then served as the owner’s representative throughout the RFP process, helping them to evaluate potential vendors and negotiate a final contract.

Project Management
During the installation and launch process, we represented the interests of the owner through a comprehensive range of project management services, including coordinating the work of display vendor SNA Displays with the activities of the building’s architect, engineers, and general contractor.

Content Creation and Guidelines Development
Sensory Interactive’s Creative Content team developed the initial launch content for the display, as well as creating a detailed Content Creation Guidelines document. This guidelines document will enable the owner and consultants to create future content that works seamlessly with the technical capabilities of the display and supports the objectives of the installation.

Ongoing Operations
The Sensory Interactive Operational Services team currently handles the ongoing operation of the display, including system monitoring, maintenance coordination, issue resolution, and periodic on-site evaluations. The team is also providing content management and content scheduling services, including reviewing new content for adherence to the specifications established in the content creation guidelines.

Like the building’s architecture and technology infrastructure, this dramatic digital media experience showcases what is possible with the latest advances in technology. In particular, it highlights how the right kind of technology can encourage human interaction, communication, and engagement. And Sensory Interactive’s comprehensive approach to this project helped to ensure that the installation’s quality and technical capabilities reflect the brand position of Coda Tech Square, as well as supporting its long-term needs.

“Sensory Interactive was a remarkable partner for the development and launch of the interactive media experience at Coda Tech Square,” said Hunter Richardson, Executive Vice President of Development for Portman Holdings. “They guided us through the challenges of evaluating the available technologies and then expertly managed the procurement, installation, and launch process. Their team also made sure that we unveiled the installation with powerful, engaging content that is helping to build the Coda brand.”