Projects / 1515 Broadway

SL Green Realty Corp. asked Sensory Interactive to create and manage a media experience that would give it an edge in Times Square’s competitive market for display advertisers and sponsors, while also supporting the marketing and operational needs of the building’s existing tenants, the Minskoff Theater and the world headquarters of Viacom International.


The building’s prominent location in the heart of Times Square’s “bow tie” and its high-profile occupants created both opportunities and challenges for the project. They made the high-resolution, large-format displays economically viable, but also shortened the schedule, complicated the installation process, and created a large group of very powerful project stakeholders with a voice in the design process.

The Sensory Interactive team responded to the project’s challenges by designing a display form factor that was tightly integrated with the contour of the building façade, creating custom construction scaffolding that didn’t block access to retailers or obstruct views from the MTV studios, and devising a streamlined fabrication and installation plan that divided the work among multiple fabrication sites. Through these efforts, we completed the project on schedule, with little or no disruption to building operations.


Since the successful launch of the display installation, Sensory Interactive has been providing ongoing operational management services for the system, which has provided the team with some unique challenges. Initially consisting of a mix of content from building ownership and third-party advertisers, the display content evolved to focus primarily on promotions for flagship tenant Viacom International, who frequently changes content to promote the large variety of programming in their portfolio. This also includes a mix of third-party advertising, which must conform to the dynamic schedule.

Sensory Interactive’s operational services team maintains full awareness and control of this schedule, working closely with Viacom and third-party advertisers before, during, and after campaigns to ensure flawless display of extremely time-sensitive content in this high-dollar market.

The team also provides 24/7 monitoring of the digital displays for performance and quality, and schedules routine and immediate maintenance when required to ensure maximum uptime. The attention pays off. Even after many years of nearly continuous operation, the displays at 1515 Broadway continue to be some of the most attractive and sought-after advertising platforms in the competitive Times Square market.