Projects / 1552 Broadway

The large-format outdoor display installation at 1552 Broadway features more than 8,600 square feet of digital signage, creating a high-profile video spectacular that is perfectly suited to its location in Times Square’s famous “bow tie.”

We began the project by creating programming documents that included a budget with full development and operational costs and detailed return-on-investment calculations. The thoroughly researched revenue projections used in these calculations were based on a review of comparable rates, projected impressions, and other evaluation methods.


Developed through multiple iterations, the final design for the installation was based on a careful study of the view corridors and an analysis of the most advanced LED technologies available to deliver the best visibility for the location. The design process also included the development of technical specifications for the project’s hardware and software, all based on providing retail tenants and third-party advertisers with market-leading capabilities for the programming of display content.

We served as the owner’s representative throughout the engineering, permitting, fabrication, and installation phases. This included helping the owners obtain numerous permits from multiple New York City regulatory agencies, along with facilitating a highly creative solution to a difficult zoning challenge.


For the LED display hardware, the Sensory Interactive team handled procurement, commissioning, and acceptance services, including selecting, inspecting, and performing factory acceptance testing on the assembled LED modules. We also specified and coordinated the deployment of the content delivery system that is used to program and operate the displays’ content.

Sensory Interactive’s creative team developed original print and video sales materials that gave prospective tenants a clear understanding of the value and power of the digital signage. These materials were used by SL Green to secure Express as the key tenant for the building’s newly restored flagship retail space. And thanks to Sensory Interactive’s detailed financial analysis, the owner was able to negotiate a lease agreement for the displays that will ensure a payback within two years.

Using a hands-on project management approach – including the active coordination of international design, production, fabrication, and installation teams – we completed this project in time for Times Square’s very important holiday season, and did it with a breathtaking program of full-motion animated content at launch.