Our extensive project management capabilities ensure your project’s successful launch and then keeps it running smoothly.

Project Management

Our Project Management process begins with serving as an aggressive advocate for your interests throughout the design, bidding, procurement, construction process. After launch, we protect and enhance the long-term value of your dynamic environment by serving as a single point of contact for remote monitoring, service coordination, and content production and scheduling.

Project Execution

Our Project Execution team manages the launch of a dynamic experience on the owner’s behalf, overseeing the project from start to finish, informing you of each step of the process, all while keeping your project under budget and on schedule. We represent your interests throughout the design, procurement, and construction process ‒ ensuring that contractors, vendors, and consultants work together to faithfully execute your vision for the project.

When it’s time to take a project from plans to the real world, our Project Execution team serves as your dedicated representatives throughout the process. With decades of combined experience, we are able to “see around corners” and guide even the most complex projects across the finish line.

The results are stunningly beautiful dynamic experiences that use the right technology that integrate seamlessly with the underlying architecture. Just as importantly, we ensure projects are completed in strict compliance with the contract documents, taking the burden of the details and day to day grind off your shoulders.

By managing every aspect of a project’s implementation, our team members guarantee continuity across phases and ensure strict adherence to the project’s objectives. We oversee post-design documentation, guide any required evolution of the program, direct the entire RFP process, and then handle construction management and project close-out. This consistent involvement is crucial to successfully integrate the work of multiple consultants and technology providers in these complex dynamic environments.

Years of highly specialized experience and our hands-on project management approach give us the ability to anticipate potential pitfalls before they happen. We take a proactive approach to monitoring project progress and evaluating every relevant consultant or subcontractor’s work. This prevents costly mistakes or oversights that could impact both the dynamic environment and the broader project.

In complex projects that involve sophisticated technology in high-profile public spaces, effective communication among all members of the project team is essential. We facilitate this transparent, two-way sharing of information between every possible combination of construction managers, consultants, and vendors. We also provide you with highly structured reporting to ensure you always have access to the latest project details.  

Our experience and market knowledge make us valuable client representatives when negotiating initial costs and preventing budget overruns ‒ and we often reduce project budgets by a sum greater than our fees. And our commitment to ensuring the integrity of the project’s design during the construction process protects your ability to generate the projected return on your investment. 


Our Operations team is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the long-term value of your dynamic environment. We keep your system running smoothly to minimize downtime from consulting on the production of your content and scheduling it, to remote monitoring and coordination of service. Our team works around the clock to ensure a seamless, positive experience for you and your customers.

We serve as your single point of contact for all of your operations providing content management, proof-of-play reporting, system monitoring, while handling coordination of the ongoing maintenance and repair of your dynamic systems. We apply our years of experience to take meticulous care of your operations and spare you from having to hire additional staff to support your systems.

You’re not in the business of operating dynamic environments. We are. By letting us handle the ongoing management of your system, you benefit from a full-time team of professionals who are available 24/7, every day of the year. You don’t have to worry about hiring, training, or managing operations staff, or keeping them up to date on changing technologies. We handle all of that, while also keeping you fully informed at all times. This includes regularly providing content schedules, maintenance updates, service information, and proof-of-play reports in consistent, easy-to-interpret formats.

System downtime means lost revenue and possible damage to your brand. We minimize this downtime by providing daily 24/7 remote monitoring from the Sensory Interactive network operations center. This monitoring, combined with our regularly scheduled site evaluations, proactively prevents outages and identifies potential maintenance issues before they become problems. We coordinate with the system manufacturer’s maintenance and support services directly and provide regular updates on all outstanding service issues.

We’re invested in making sure every aspect of your content -and all the contracts, design specs, and technical elements involved – work together for your benefit. Our team oversees every detail of scheduling and managing your dynamic content and is experienced navigating a wide range of technologies and physical environments. We protect your interests by checking all content for adherence to system technical specifications, answering requests for changes against scheduling, confirming that content follows contractual requirements, and ensuring accurate playback. We also work alongside the Content Development team to help external content providers ensure that any content they produce meets the (often complex) system requirements.