News / PREIT Launches Network of Rotating LED Displays

Retail Center Rotating LED Display

Sensory Interactive worked with PREIT (NYSE: PEI) to develop a network of three large-format rotating LED displays at PREIT’s Philadelphia-area Cherry Hill Mall, Plymouth Meeting Mall, and Willow Grove Park properties.

The 13’ by 18’ double-sided displays are suspended in high-profile locations at each mall, where they deliver a mix of static and full-motion advertising and sponsored content to shoppers. The motorized rotation of the screens makes them visible from throughout the space, while also minimizing the impact on sightlines to tenant storefronts.

Sensory Interactive oversaw design, technology selection, bidding, project management, and commissioning for the three displays. The units were fabricated by SNA Displays, who Sensory Interactive recommended for the project after overseeing a negotiated bid process on behalf of PREIT.

The displays use SNA’s S|Video™ interior LED panels with a true 6mm pixel pitch, which offer the levels of brightness and resolution needed for the variety of content presented by the displays. This technology also delivers the wide viewing angles needed to make the displays visible to the largest number of viewers throughout their rotation.

Sensory Interactive also selected and deployed the displays’ content management system. After reviewing multiple options for controlling the displays’ content, the Sensory Interactive team identified the Grassfish Content Management System as the best fit for the owner’s needs. Grassfish’s web-based interface can control all three of the network’s displays individually or simultaneously, and users can update or reschedule content from any location with a WiFi connection. The system will also accommodate the addition of new displays in the future.

In addition to displaying high-quality image and video content, the displays and content management system have the capacity to present real-time brand messaging, stream live events, and interact with users via text-to-screen, live polls, and mobile games. The system can also accommodate social media streams, RSS feeds, mobile downloads, and real-time retail promotions.