Sensory Interactive has worked with Macerich in recent years to help refine and expand the Macerich Digital Network, which gives retailers, brands, movie studios, and local advertisers an opportunity to present large-scale, high-resolution content with immersive sound to millions of shoppers at some of the nation’s most prominent retail centers.

This nationwide network has grown to include double-sided suspended interior LED displays, large-format exterior LED displays at urban properties, smaller interior LCDs, and interactive directories. By connecting assets throughout the company’s portfolio, the network gives Macerich the opportunity to deploy advertising and sponsorship campaigns at a corporate level, while also still accommodating local campaigns and content. The integrated nature of the network also allows Macerich to synchronize content on digital elements throughout a property, or even across multiple properties in the network.

The network’s most dramatic elements are its 17’ x 12’ double-sided LED displays. These suspended displays include integrated sound and a motor that rotates the display, making them visible from all approaches without obstructing views of storefronts.

The newest addition to the network is a system of interactive wayfinding directories, which we recently helped to roll out at Macerich retail centers across the nation. The program, which currently includes more than 130 individual directories, helps shoppers find retailers, special offers, and attractions at 18 different Macerich properties, with more on the way.

In addition to expanding the reach of the Macerich Digital Network and improving the shopping experience for visitors, the new interactive directories eliminate the need for costly directory updates as tenants move. They also give Macerich a new tool for collecting data about customer preferences and behavior, further increasing the network’s value to advertisers and sponsors.

As with most elements of the digital network, we worked closely with the Macerich corporate design team to achieve a look for the directories that would work across the company’s entire portfolio, and then directed the specification and procurement process for the directories’ hardware, software, and enclosures. During fabrication and installation, the Sensory Interactive team handled coordination between vendors and property management staff and was onsite at each project during the process.

As the Macerich Digital Network has grown, we also have worked with Macerich on the development and refinement of a comprehensive programming model, including strategies for the packaging and pricing of display inventory, forecasting future revenue and operating expenses, and establishing a recommended mix of national, local, and center-specific content.

The Sensory Interactive team also assisted in identifying and deploying a content management system that centralizes control of the network for national campaigns, while still allowing for the presentation of local content and enabling users to interact with the displays via text, social media, and mobile websites or apps.