350 Mission

Sensory Interactive worked with building owner Kilroy Realty to ensure the successful launch of a major display installation at their new 350 Mission project in San Francisco. Located in the five-story lobby space of the 30-story office tower, the display is nearly 40 feet tall by 70 feet wide, with a total surface area of more the 2,600 square feet.

The display’s remarkable size, high-resolution 4K content, and unique corner-wrapping design create a dramatic experience for building visitors, and also make the installation highly visible to pedestrian and vehicular traffic on both Fremont and Mission Streets.

Sensory Interactive provided design and project management services that took the project through design development, technology selection, bidding, and installation. This included thoroughly reviewing multiple vendors’ capabilities to deliver the required technology within the project’s challenging schedule. Display manufacturer S|N|A was ultimately selected for the project based on their ability to adapt to the project requirements and provide display hardware with the flexibility to meet the limitations of the physical space.

The 6mm SMD display produced by S|N|A delivers a resolution of 1,960 by 3,480 pixels, giving it a total of 8,820,800 pixels. It can display 4K content natively, and also has the flexibility to simultaneously stream any combination of animation, video, imagery, and live data.

To reflect the diverse capabilities of the display – and accommodate the needs of the building owner and tenant – we designed the system to accept a wide range of inputs, and also deployed content delivery technology that can manage both live and pre-produced media. An in-floor audio system further enriches the experience in the lobby by delivering ambient sound that can be synchronized with the display content.

A significant public art project commissioned for the project’s launch provided a clear demonstration of the display’s versatility and stunning audio/visual impact. Refik Anadol created the piece, Virtual Depictions: San Francisco, specifically for the site, utilizing the display and audio system to present a series of parametric data sculptures that tell the story of the city and its people.

350 Mission was designed by architects Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM), and is occupied by Salesforce.com. The building is part of Salesforce’s headquarters complex, which also includes 50 Fremont Center just across the street. We recently completed the planning, design, and launch of a large display in this building as well, and have envisioned both of these as part of an expansive digital platform that may eventually be expanded to even more areas within the facilities.