Throughout December, the iconic displays at 1515 Broadway in New York’s Times Square featured innovative content that capitalized on the displays’ high-profile, high-traffic location, and gave users a chance to participate in content creation. For Nivea’s “Kiss” campaign, Sensory Interactive customized its content delivery system to augment the company’s display advertising with a constantly updated […]

In recent months, 1515 Broadway owner SL Green Realty Corporation, with the help of Sensory Interactive, has used the building’s iconic new LED displays in response to events ranging from the triumphant to the tragic. In February, the displays were used to congratulate the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants and deliver animated content created […]

Digital Signage magazine presented a 2012 DIGI Award to display manufacturer Prysm for their laser phosphor display (LPD) system for digital mannequins in American Eagles Outfitters’ 24,000-square-foot flagship store in New York’s SOHO neighborhood. Sensory Interactive collaborated with Prysm on the design and development of the digital mannequins. In addition to offering remarkable resolution and a […]

At New York’s 1515 Broadway, where Sensory Interactive recently created a system of iconic LED displays, we have now deployed a network of four full-motion video cameras that provide real-time views of the displays and their content, creating a valuable new tool for advertisers, system operators, and the project’s sales team. The system is as […]