News / Macerich Expands Digital Media Network

Longtime Sensory Interactive client Macerich has added two new large-scale digital media installations to the extensive network of digital signage at their retail centers across the U.S. We provided design and project management services for the deployment of the new installations, which are each highly customized to meet the needs of their unique environments.

At Santa Monica Place in Santa Monica, California, we worked with Macerich to explore the digital media opportunities presented by a major expansion of the project. We used both static and full-motion conceptual renderings to evaluate several different options, and helped the team make the decision to proceed with a phase-one installation focused on delivering advertising content for the project’s new ArcLight Cinema.

Because of the size and unique display technology of the installation, we performed extensive testing and analysis throughout the system’s design and implementation. This included creating and evaluating multiple mockups of the display system, and then working closely with the project architect, The Jerde Partnership, to ensure that the selected design was effectively integrated into the underlying architecture.

At Arrowhead Town Center in Glendale, Arizona, we planned and deployed an 11’ by 16’ display installation that accompanied a major property renovation. This installation is a variation of systems we have implemented at other Macerich centers in the past, but because the display is attached to an elevator shaft we needed to facilitate extensive coordination between the display fabricator and the project’s architectural, structural engineering, and electrical consultants.

Both of these projects incorporate integrated audio technology. At Santa Monica Place, we created a dedicated audio system for the display that interacts with the mall’s own background music system to ensure a smooth transition between the background music and the audio that accompanies display content. At Arrowhead Town Center, the system can accommodate live audio – as well as a video feed – from the project’s outdoor amphitheater.