News / Dramatic LED Feature Launches at Caesars Bluewaters Dubai

At Caesars Bluewaters Dubai, Sensory Interactive and Vision Sign worked together to turn a large-scale fountain and architectural feature into a technology-enhanced sound and light spectacular.

The installation is located at the entrance porte-cochère to the recently opened Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai, part of a $2.2 billion vibrant lifestyle island destination. Designed as an architectural entry feature for the hotel, the 45-foot-tall chalice structure was initially equipped with static, single-color illumination for its metal mesh cladding and the surrounding water.

Vision Sign worked with Caesars Entertainment and Bluewaters Island developer Meraas to create and visualize a conceptual approach for using light and sound to transform the chalice into a dynamic, digitally controlled signature attraction. According to Vision Sign President Ed Wasserman, the idea was to create an element that would welcome and entertain visitors in the hotel’s entry courtyard.

“We knew that by incorporating the right design approach, technologies, and content,” says Wasserman, “we could turn the chalice into a dramatic focal point worthy of this world-class environment.”

With the concept established, Vision Sign enlisted consultant Sensory Interactive to help refine and document the design approach, evaluate and specify the most appropriate technology, oversee the procurement process, and provide project management services during the system’s installation, commissioning, and launch.

The technology used to animate the chalice includes color-changing LED stick technology attached to its ribbed structure and additional color-changing LED light fixtures that illuminate the surrounding water and the metal mesh of the chalice from both its interior and exterior.

Content for the LED elements is played by a video lighting controller specified and configured by Sensory Interactive. This system links the different lighting technologies to one another, and just as importantly, to an audio system that was also developed as part of the installation. This sophisticated control system synchronizes the LED-illuminated ribs, the lights inside the chalice, and the underwater lighting with music to create awe-inspiring visual and audio displays.

For the launch of the installation, the Sensory Interactive content team choreographed and programmed multiple 2-3-minute animated sequences that combine music and lighting in a high-energy, crowd-pleasing fashion. These short presentations run several times per hour and are augmented by a variety of static lighting configurations also created by the Sensory Interactive team.

Sensory Interactive Associate Director Christopher Graefe says that the animated sequences were challenging to program because of the distinctive capabilities of the two different lighting technologies used to illuminate the chalice. “But ultimately,” says Graefe, “the diverse lighting effects that made it challenging also gave us some interesting tools to work with.”

“Once we embraced the different types of light produced by the LED sticks, the wall washes, and the underwater fixtures,” Graefe continues, “we were able to capitalize on the way they complemented each other and use that to create some very dramatic sequences.”

The enhanced chalice adds a distinctive signature element at the entrance to the hotel and delivers an element of entertainment without diminishing the sophisticated feel or refined architecture of the luxury resort.