News / Hollywood Park to Feature Industry-Leading Promotional Platform

As construction continues on the new Los Angeles Stadium and Entertainment District (LASED) at Hollywood Park, Sensory Interactive is helping to launch a comprehensive site-wide promotional platform that will offer unique opportunities for visitor engagement, brand building, and revenue generation throughout the project.

The 298-acre development and its 70,000-seat stadium will be the new home for the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers, as well as offering 500,000 square feet of retail and entertainment space, thousands of residences, cutting-edge office environments, and a wide range of public spaces for recreation and entertainment.

Located in the community of Inglewood, Hollywood Park will be a new regional hub at the heart of the Los Angeles basin. Its proximity to the bustling Los Angeles International Airport will also give it global reach, as well as making it visible from the air to millions of travelers annually.

Sensory Interactive is working with project owner Kroenke Holdings, consultant Legends, and others to create a comprehensive promotional platform for LASED. This platform will include a coordinated network of interior and exterior large-format, small-format, and kiosk displays located throughout the project.

Sensory Interactive has developed strategies to extend the promotional platform across the full site, incorporating the stadium, performance venue, commercial buildings, the retail district, hotels, residential buildings, and exterior activation spaces. This has increased the value of naming rights and partnerships and has created multiple additional revenue tiers by giving brands the opportunity to create “moments of exclusivity” across the entire project for predetermined lengths of time. Sensory Interactive is also coordinating closely with Legends and developing detailed monetization strategies that will maximize the revenue potential from the site.

Sensory Interactive is simultaneously working with developer Wilson Meaney to create a promotional platform for Hollywood Park’s retail town center (pictured above). Planned, designed, and implemented by Sensory Interactive, this platform will include digital and static displays, interactive kiosks, and activation-space technology that will support advertising, sponsorships, and live events.

Construction of the initial phases of Hollywood Park will be completed in 2020, and the project will host the Super Bowl in 2022. It is also expected to play a major role in the 2028 Summer Olympics.

Rendering provided by Hollywood Park.