We create and launch connected experiences that create impactful, measurable brand engagement that deliver remarkable results.

Connected Experiences

We create and launch connected experiences that create impactful, measurable brand engagement that delivers remarkable returns. Our expertise covers fields ranging from experiential project design to emerging technology, platform activation, connectivity, and content development. We use these uniquely diverse in-house capabilities to design groundbreaking projects that blur the boundaries between media, technology, and real estate.

Project Design

Our Project Design team mixes expertise in design strategy and brand integration with technical skills in a wide range of design fields, including architectural and experiential design. We use this multidisciplinary approach to find innovative applications of emerging technologies that create unforgettable experiences, drive traffic, and facilitate new forms of audience engagement.

Our Project Design team is a diverse group of seasoned creatives that blend an in-depth understanding of interactions in the built environment with a dedication for technology’s future potential. They thoughtfully use the power of project design to devise new ways for people to engage with each other and their surroundings. The team takes a big-picture approach to every engagement, developing and executing the design vision that holds our multifaceted and often intricate projects together.

Our Project Design team leverages the power of Sensory Interactive’s broad and deep expertise to create groundbreaking projects ready to deliver positive, memorable experiences with remarkable returns. The team draws insights from the Emerging Technology team, applies the marketplace knowledge of the OOH Media and Partnership teams, and works with our Content Developers, Project Managers, Operations, and Real Estate specialists to refine and execute concepts.

We also work beyond the Sensory Interactive team to ensure successful project deployment. This includes interacting closely with clients’ development teams to deliver technical documentation and construction administration services that fully integrate our work into the broader project.

Two-way, one-on-one interactions with consumers are the holy grail for many of today’s global brands. We’re taking this a step further by using technology to enable these conversations in the same public spaces where customers live, gather and shop. We design interactive experiences that create meaningful engagement through incorporating large‒and small‒format digital displays, personal devices, and data intelligence in ways that benefit brands, audiences, and owners.

Real estate is one of the last elements of modern society to avoid technological disruption. Its time is coming, however, and we are helping create places that are resilient and set to thrive ‒ regardless of how the market changes. Static, fixed environments that stick to outdated design paradigms will struggle with the pace of change, while places that incorporate the flexibility of technology will be able to preserve and even increase their value by rapidly adapting to changing demands from consumers, tenants, and advertisers.

Our design approach considers much more than the elements you can see. We look for opportunities to incorporate property communication and operations networks into our design concepts, including local, mobile, and IoT devices. Then we match the data generated by these integrations with computational analytics to deliver truly personalized experience landscapes, ideal for audience engagement.

Content Development

Our Content Development team creates stunning visuals tailored to the unique strengths ‒ or challenges ‒ of any display surface. As experts in small- and large-format digital content, we maximize value to owners by ensuring that you unlock the full potential of your dynamic environment’s powerful hardware and software across a network. 

We create content that brings all displays ‒ from your smart watch to large-format screens ‒ to life. Our team can develop and execute a totally new creative concept based on your needs ‒ or work with your in-house or external creative team to fine-tune an existing campaign. Either way, our unique focus on creating engaging content ‒ from copy to images and videos ‒ that’s perfectly formatted to your full-motion, interactive or static, small- or large-format display means that everything we create delivers dramatic impact. Impact that enhances the user experience and encourages meaningful engagement.

Developing content that truly dazzles across all formats ‒ from mobile to large-format displays ‒ requires unique and specific expertise. We know how to create content that takes full advantage of the dramatic potential of large-format displays, and we understand how to manage the challenges related to issues such as massive file sizes, differing display resolutions, and unusual dimensions across an entire network. We create interactive media, branded content for properties, mobile interfaces, illustration, photography, and videography for any format.

Our content professionals are experts at creating stunning, attention ‒ grabbing animations for large format displays. Whether the content is animated characters, full-motion three-dimensional typography, or video so realistic it looks like you could walk into it, we deliver moving images that add energy and excitement to dynamic places.

In addition to developing content from scratch, we have extensive experience working with in-house creative departments and third-party agencies. We can take concepts from all stages of development and see them through to presentation-ready files or manage a third-party creator from the selection process through implementation. This includes ideas presented to us as a sketch, campaigns that are fully developed for other media, or even content created for displays that just needs to be fine-tuned and optimized. And to help ensure your long-term success, we also develop content-creation guides that make it easier for your in-house team or agency to understand the limitations and potential of your display systems.  

Emerging Technology

Our Emerging Technology team works hand-in-hand with our Project Design and Project Management leads to ensure you implement exactly the right technology for exactly the right reasons.

Our Emerging Technology team focuses on exploring and evaluating the latest technologies for creating, monetizing, and operating connected experiences. This in-house capability gives us a perspective and vision you won’t find anywhere else in the industry. By fully integrating the work of dedicated technologists into the design and implementation process, we create projects that don’t just include leading-edge technology ‒ they are actually shaped by it.

We study the latest industry trends, meet with emerging application developers, vendors, fabricators, tour factories, and keep track of technologies and manufacturers that represent the next generation of industry innovators. And we remain invested through evaluating the ongoing performance of the hundreds of dynamic environments we currently manage around the world, looking for opportunities to enhance performance, fine-tune, and future-proof projects.

All of this knowledge goes into the design and implementation of every project we complete, allowing us to create environments that consistently expand what’s possible in areas ranging from visitor engagement and revenue generation to data collection, reliability, and energy efficiency.

We are 100% independent, with no financial or business ties with manufactures, software developers, content providers, or other vendors. We are proud advocates for our client’s best interest, and unlike so many others, we are free from any incentives to steer you toward a solution that may not be the best fit for your project.

This unique, unbiased approach also extends beyond product selection to influence overall project direction. In addition to covering all forms of technology, our expertise includes static signage, branded partnerships, and project activations. The resulting discipline- and technology-neutral philosophy allows us to take your project in the direction that is the best fit for your objectives, rather than focusing solely on the solution that is most comfortable or profitable for us.

Our fully integrated approach to project design, execution, monetization, and operation helps us understand the difference between leading edge and bleeding edge. We push the boundaries to create impactful and memorable visitor experiences, while also ensuring that the technology behind these experiences will be maintainable, cost-effective, and relevant throughout a project’s entire life-cycle.

Platform Activation

Our Platform Activation team envisions and produces experiences that activate the full potential (and profitability) of your space by creating meaningful interactions between brands, performances, visitors, and properties. Our team of event strategists start with a vision and then oversee every aspect to bring an experience to life.  We deliver memorable, creative activations, events and festivals for our diverse, global clients and platforms that captivate audiences. Our activations increase foot traffic, promote longer dwell times, and raise the overall value of your project and its appeal to world-class brands.

The formula is simple ‒ create unique and exciting experiences and people will come. And the benefits are clear ‒ more visitors deliver more impressions for advertisers and sponsors, increases sales for tenants, drives lease rates and property values, and builds a stronger brand for your project or community.

Sensory Interactive has revolutionized the world of promotional platforms. Our brilliant network of digital technology makes every person, experience, and device on a site an extension of the platform. Our Platform Activation team harnesses this awesome power and incorporates memorable cultural and brand experiences that attract and engage visitors, generate additional revenue, and collect actionable data.

We help owners leverage their promotional platform’s OOH network by seamlessly integrating their assets with physical objects, events, mobile devices, and websites. This dynamic experience not only provides critical data-driven insight but also drives foot traffic, creating more impressions for advertisements on your promotional platform. These increased impressions and the resulting increase in advertiser demand boost revenues by increasing rates and reducing unused inventory.

Activating your platform increases your ability to attract significant brand partnerships. Potential brand partners demand strong incentives to secure their brand investment, and only the most exciting developments will land these premium partnerships.

Our activations generate excitement, draw traffic, and create unique opportunities for interactive, measurable brand engagement. The ability to deliver these truly meaningful engagements will make your project a highly desirable option for potential brand partners.

 Unlike so many others, we’re uniquely equipped to handle all of the elements needed to make your event a success – from production and marketing, to technology, lighting, and logistics – we’ve got you covered. Our team’s capabilities extend far beyond producing extraordinary experiences. Our experiential practice is enhanced by expertise in placemaking, media and partnership sales, operations, content creation, interactivity, and more. These diverse skills allow us to create platform activations that shape a site’s character through events, curated experiences, and digital, static, web, mobile, and social content.

Our team has the in-house expertise to customize events, develop bespoke programs, coordinate with media, and find other innovative approaches for optimizing offerings for partners and brands. We identify and contract the agencies and entities that deliver the experiences and oversee events with our own on-the-ground representatives.

Successful activations can dramatically improve tenant performance. By supporting tenant success through increased traffic, visibility, and sales, activations can create rental demand that reduces vacancies and drives growth in rates.

Activations can also create ancillary revenue streams. Events and live experiences that aren’t created in partnership with a particular brand, for example, often have opportunities for sponsorship. We’re ready to help you monetize a wide range of events by defining these opportunities and marketing them to potential sponsors. Select events may even create opportunities to generate additional revenue through ticketing, merchandise sales, or concessions.


Developing a connectivity program is an essential but complex process for the entire development. With the help of our Connectivity team, you can turn this complexity to your advantage ‒ discovering new value while delivering remarkable project-wide connectivity.

Unlike water, sewer, and power utilities, there are a variety of competing and overlapping connectivity service providers. And these providers often use this complexity and competition to their advantage, pressuring owners for premature commitments and capitalizing on their lack of connectivity expertise.

And yet, despite its complex nature, connectivity has never been more essential. Seamless connectivity is now the expectation ‒ and anything that falls short has a significant impact on user experience, brand perception, and real estate values.

Our comprehensive approach addresses every aspect of these connectivity challenges. We empower our clients to take ownership of their project-specific communications requirements and identify new opportunities for significant long-term revenue and cost savings, while also delivering state-of-the-art connected experiences to their customers.

Our experienced team’s expertise and industry insight allow us to envision your project’s full potential and quantify the value of delivering  future-focused, seamless, full-network connectivity across the entire property.

We find ways to reduce or completely eliminate your capital expenses for connectivity infrastructure. And by delivering robust, scalable services, you can use this infrastructure to derive income from multiple connectivity service providers.

Understanding the potential of a project and creating an effective strategy are only the first steps in the process. With extensive experience in the design, procurement, and implementation of industry-leading connectivity infrastructure, we can ensure that your project actually delivers on the promise of “best-in-class” user experiences.