News / Compact Times Square Site Gets High-Impact Display

1565 Broadway Digital Displays

Not long after overseeing the launch of one of the world’s largest continuous exterior displays at 20 Times Square, Sensory Interactive has unveiled another high-profile display installation in the neighborhood, this time on a building just 20 feet wide.

The installation is at 1565 Broadway, which sits in the heart of the Times Square bowtie and is home to the new Swarovski flagship store. The global crystal brand opened the store on January 12 after owner Wharton Properties completed months of extensive renovations to the four-story building.

Despite the building’s relatively small footprint, both Wharton Properties and Swarovski wanted to take advantage of its high-visibility location with a new display installation that would deliver significant brand impact and revenue potential. The installation also needed to comply with the neighborhood’s very specific requirements for digital displays.

To address Swarovski’s specific architectural considerations, Sensory Interactive developed a design approach that stacked two distinct displays on the building’s facade. Swarovski’s architecture and construction management teams then handled implementation of the lower display, while the Sensory Interactive team implemented the upper display, providing documentation, technology specification, bidding, and project management services.

The 1,013-square-foot upper display is more than 19 feet wide and nearly 53 feet tall. It was fabricated and installed by Daktronics, who were selected for the project after Sensory Interactive evaluated multiple vendors’ capabilities to deliver the required technology and work within the project’s numerous logistical challenges.

During the fabrication and installation process, Sensory Interactive worked with Wharton Properties, Daktronics, and other consultants to coordinate the integration of the display with the owner-supplied tower structure. In addition to making accommodations for the mounting of the display onto this structure, the Sensory Interactive team also coordinated the inclusion of access points to facilitate future maintenance and repairs.

To help advertisers visualize the potential of the display’s unique dimensions and brilliant, high-resolution image, the Sensory Interactive creative content team developed a program of launch content with two distinct themes. One series used serene-yet-dramatic nature videography to accentuate the display’s strong vertical aspect ratio. The other incorporated high-energy sports videography from New York sports franchises, emphasizing the display’s remarkable resolution and clarity.