News / Sensory Interactive Creates Holiday Content for 350 Mission

This holiday season, Sensory Interactive worked with Kilroy Realty Corporation (KRC) to develop a new collection of sophisticated animated content for the LED video display in the lobby of KRC’s 350 Mission building in San Francisco. 

The new material was integrated with the existing artistic program, which plays during the lobby’s peak morning, noon, and evening traffic times. The 2D and 3D designers of Sensory Interactive’s in-house Creative Team worked closely with KRC property managers to design and develop the content concepts.

The content takes advantage of the full expanse and color spectrum of the 2,600-square-foot display, presenting playful animated expressions of a festive seasonal lighting simulation, highly stylized “paper” snowflakes, and an ever-shifting field of particles that dissolve and reconstitute into recognizable San Francisco landmarks.

“Working with the client to find new ways to utilize this spectacular display installation is a fun and rewarding project,” said Christopher Graefe, Associate Director of Creative Content at Sensory Interactive. “We helped KRC to create several seasonal pieces this year, which has expanded their library of available content. As this library grows each year, they will have an increasing range of options for content to present during future annual holidays and special events.”

Sensory Interactive’s Creative Team worked closely with members of the company’s Operations Team, who manage the display’s content, to develop a strategic approach to the development and scheduling of the new material.