News / Promotional Platforms Will Help Enliven Ballpark District

We are working with multiple landowners in the area surrounding Washington D.C.’s Nationals Ballpark to create promotional platforms that will help to establish a sense of place in public areas, facilitate high-profile events, and enable developers to effectively capitalize on the district’s growing traffic and visibility.

The 500-acre Capitol Riverfront neighborhood – which is anchored by Nationals Ballpark and Washington Navy Yard – has seen billions of dollars of public- and private-sector investment in the past decade, and the area is currently the focus of extensive development activity. This rapid neighborhood evolution is encouraging businesses, developers, and other stakeholders to look for creative ways to shape the perception of the area and capture attention for their ventures.

On two separate engagements in the Capitol Riverfront area, we are working with a total of five property owners to plan, develop, and launch integrated promotional platforms that will strengthen the owners’ ability to differentiate and promote their projects. We are helping these groups by creating overall plans for the platforms, performing physical and economic feasibility studies, selecting hardware and software, and overseeing platform deployment.

These platforms will include digital and static media installations ranging from banners to large-scale LED video displays, as well as live-event spaces with specialized audio and lighting features. We will also explore opportunities to increase engagement and functionality through integration with mobile devices and the inclusion of user-generated content.

In addition to game-day activities, the promotional platforms will enable the owner groups to host events ranging from food festivals and street fairs to outdoor music performances. The platforms will also provide opportunities for revenue generation through advertising and sponsorships.