Projects / Macerich

A portion of the Macerich Digital Network consists of double-sided, rotating, full-motion, high-resolution LED video displays deployed at Macerich retail centers across the country. The network offers retailers, brands, movie studios, and local advertisers an opportunity to present large scale, high-resolution content with immersive sound to millions of shoppers at some of the nation’s most prominent retail centers.

The large-format displays were initially rolled out at Macerich properties in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Phoenix, and the program has since expanded nationwide. As the network has grown, we have worked with Macerich on the development and refinement of a comprehensive programming model, including strategies for the packaging and pricing of display inventory, forecasting future revenue and operating expenses, and establishing a recommended mix of national, local, and center-specific content.


The Sensory Interactive team has also assisted in identifying and deploying a content management system that centralizes control of the network for national campaigns, while still allowing for the presentation of local content and enabling users to interact with the displays via text, social media, and mobile websites or apps.

In addition to our role in the planning and design of the digital network, we also produce marketing collateral used by Macerich in the promotion of the network. This includes print and video materials that clearly convey the potential opportunities and benefits of individual components – as well as the entire digital network – to tenants, brands, and advertisers.